Last Modified: July 11, 2017

Please read these terms carefully. Sean Ranieri Photography intends to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any violation of these terms.

By using the services of Sean Ranieri and Sean Ranieri Photography, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the following terms:

All media (photos, videos, design, etc) contained within the websites and is owned by Sean Ranieri and Sean Ranieri Photography (hereafter referred to as "The Company"). All Federal copyright laws apply. Unless expressly granted in writing, The Company retains the copyright to all media. No media contained within this website is to be used in any way unless a) you are using media you have contracted The Company to create for you, or b) you have written consent from The Company.

The following pertains to clients of The Company:

By hiring The Company, you acknowledge and agree that photography services, including photography, videography, retouching, graphic design, etc, are a subjective talent. You further acknowledge that you have reviewed The Company's works and are comfortable hiring The Company based on these works along with the understanding that, as a subjective talent, media created for you are The Company's interpretation of your requests. By hiring the company, you agree to pay for all work completed, regardless of satisfaction with the work. There are no refunds whatsoever for work completed by The Company.

By downloading media from this website, you acknowledge and agree that media are owned and copyrighted by The Company. Purchaser is buying non-exclusive right to use media for personal and/or business use. Third party use or assignment is prohibited unless expressly granted in writing by The Company. The Company retains the right to use all media for any purpose.

Any media presented for download are guaranteed to remain available at the link for 30 days. Please download and save media. We can not guarantee their availability after 30 days.

Any outdoor or real estate photoshoot or videography is subject to rescheduling due to poor weather conditions, including, but not limited to: dark clouds, precipitation, high wind, dangerous storms, or flooding. In the event that the weather inhibits a shoot, you will be contacted by The Company before the scheduled appointment to reschedule. Should rescheduling be an issue, the shoot may continue as scheduled at The Company's discretion, and an additional fee may be required. Under no circumstances will outdoor photos or video be taken when precipitation is present.

Pricing and fees:

The Company's pricing is standardized and available at your request. If you would like a quote for a project, please contact Sean Ranieri at 201.240.0470 with a description of the proposed project. If The Company is hired for a project, it is expected that The Client understands the pricing and agrees to pay in full within 30 days of completion of the project. A project is considered complete when media have been delivered.

For any situation where an appointment is canceled or postponed by The Client while the photographer is in transit or after the photographer has traveled to the location (including, but not limited to: faulty or missing keys, unprepared/unclean property, owner/tenant refusal, etc.), The Client will be responsible for a travel fee of $20 or the prediscussed travel fee, whichever is greater. For any late payment (payment is late after 30 days from completion), a late fee of 16% or $20 per week, whichever is greater, will be assessed.

For package purchases: if the package is terminated for any reason before depletion of credit, the package discount will be deemed nullified and the cash value of the package will be the actual dollar amount paid for the package. If a balance is due to the client, it will be returned, unless another agreement is made. If a balance is due to The Company, it will be considered uncollected payment and due immediately.

The following pertains to real estate photography and videography:

The Company licenses the use of real estate media to the client. This is not a transfer of ownership of the media. If ownership is desired, a separate agreement must be created in writing and signed by both parties. The license of use is extended to the client for the length of time that the property is advertised for sale or lease. In any case where the client is a real estate agent, the license of use is extended to the agent for the length of the listing agreement with the owner, including any extensions or renewals.

Media created for an agent can not be transferred by that agent to another person. However, if the homeowner pays for the license of use, then the homeowner can transfer the media to multiple agents for the purpose of marketing the home.

Please contact The Company with any questions about these policies.
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